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So yeah... it was back this week. I already have some school tasks to finish and I would upload stuff that are done.

Turns out that I'm adding projects and abandoning them instead of finishing them lol eggs dee. Anyways, I'm okay, my ears were fine since first week on New Year. Though, feeling some difficulty because my ears are used to unbalanced thingies and songs with sounds that change panning and anything tht is not center panned confuse me a lot. Like, A. LOT. I would publish a few of my songs that were already finished which include the 2 revamps. I will fix a few of the songs that I will include in my first album and make sure it works well in mono.

When the class started, I couldn't adapt a bit. Because my workspace AND my bed is at the top part of the double decker bed, I'm not really used to whatever position I was on at the old house. My table is at the head. The schedule is becoming w i d e r and at the same time, more vacant. Tbh, I would choose a 2 pm dismissal time with no vacant rather than 4:20 pm (lol noice time) dismissal with many spacious time. Kek with that schedule I cannot sleep as soon as possible.

Anyways..... I hope you have a great day. Or night. See ya.

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