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VortexSupernova's News

Posted by VortexSupernova - May 7th, 2024

Hallo, long time no see. i have left this website (for posting) and i was just occasionally rating and lurking for a while to focus on studies. I was with my friends in Discord for some support.

But now... Im getting free-er a bit :D Ill be graduating in June if I managed to catch my subjects ;p I was a graduating junior when i made my NG account and I was a middle schooler when I visited this website again just to download the music from the jumping cube over spikes game. Can't believe that is 10 years ago...

I'll be submitting and scheduling drawings that i made in the servers! There's a bit of them


My FIRST music collab!

I also have a commission I can't wait to show yall :D I can't even say the details too cuz imma surprise my friends ;p I hope im still alive by the time Im finishing them!

That's all, thanks for staying!

here's some of my sketches weeks ago:



Posted by VortexSupernova - July 8th, 2023

this time il be drawing more monoliths

Posted by VortexSupernova - July 1st, 2023


Borte's a musician once again!

i remastered this in a span of one day, between 8 pm to 7 30 am lol

i hope you like it! time stamp in description~

wassup with song ids having funky repetitiv numbers haha

Posted by VortexSupernova - June 2nd, 2023

  1. gay month. be gay or else
  2. i am still alive
  3. i am still chronically online in that certain newgrounds veteran's discord server
  4. help me get out of that place /j (i actually formed mutual strong bonds there)
  5. goofing around with my friends in minecraft
  6. my friends and i explored a deep dark and looted stuff (epic)
  7. twitter is spam bot verified account filled nowadays so i refuse to open that beyond notifications and lists from my circles, but i still post
  8. if u have twitter pls tag me and remind me to visit this lovely place
  9. :D


Posted by VortexSupernova - February 26th, 2023

yeah baby


Posted by VortexSupernova - January 23rd, 2023

i am tired.


Posted by VortexSupernova - November 11th, 2022

deviantart sank since mid 2020 and my photographer/photomanipulator friends became inactive and privated their ENTIRE gallery

damn wtf we can't get nice things for us artists and content creators. except we have one last thing that actually cared for us. love newgrounds mwah.

tumblr redemption arc???!?!

Posted by VortexSupernova - October 17th, 2022

had my birthday 2 days ago and it was good :D i only received one gift, and eating my favorite KFC chicken with my family.

my friends irl and in discord greeted me :D

anyways check out my new art i uploaded in newgrounds AFTER 2 months lol


Posted by VortexSupernova - September 9th, 2022

In the light of darkness...

I have ongoing projects!

Ok so Waterflame asked me if I could finish or show progress on some fan animatic/storyboard I made inspired from his album "Showdown". The storyboard is almost done if the unfinished third part can be disregarded. I actually made it out of boredom for my friends in his server and didn't expect would get good traction 😅 I shared it because why not, and them after watching, DuttonSaysHi wanting him dead and Avari wanting more gore (of someone she knows irl) Never also expecting that another friend will have their story inspired from my animation.

Maybe if I could release my unfinished stuff? Some "shitpost" songs I made in one sitting that sounds actually good. My drawings that were just "doodles." Animations I made for no reasons like this. Because I can never tell the good that comes out of it...

It was one of my biggest projects year besides Hypervolt's Art Style Collab for WF's discord server, and another personal project where I draw my friends' personas as Genshin characters lol. These would take forever since they are composed of several drawings. This is currently prompting me to finish everything I've started because of a certain thought...

Something personal that could be not any of your business

Currently, I am on exams and some personal family matters. Both of my paternal grandparents have now passed away, I knew it in the times of the day I am alone in the house having no one to talk to -- all my family members are working, I never went close to my classmates, I could have talked to my friends I have emotionally bonded in a community if only the timezones that they're not are asleep -- and on the day my maternal cousin was born and I need to do a performance for his birthday. I cannot remember how to read sheet music (Thank you Astrasuz for the help and the corrections), and I have exams at evening, which would collide to my grandmother's funeral which we would attend at night. I was excited to go to my cousin's house that is few hours away, then have my close friends have their favorite songs on my Spotify playlist while enjoying the car ride... but with the death of my grandmother, I don't know which is or is not appropriate.

Anywho... life continues. I will go study. and read sheet music. Stay safe everyone.


Posted by VortexSupernova - August 23rd, 2022



ᵗʰᵃᵗˢ ˡᶦᵗᵉʳᵃˡˡʸ ᵐᵉ ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ⁿᵒʷ

also new art lmao i need to use this account more often