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Posted by VortexSupernova - 5 days ago




Damn tom looks fab here. On his 'rents bedroom


Posted by VortexSupernova - 12 days ago

but thanks for the 50 followers lol

my new art kek

Trying out videogame art ;w;

I stopped photobashing public domain photos i might get unscouted aaaaa so imma do that on my own rendered objects from Blender uwu




Posted by VortexSupernova - 2 weeks ago

... for dumb reasons.

Edit: Thank you for being concerned,

I am okay and not affected :D [see the post mood: LOL]

They defend a person who draws sexually suggesting concepts of children and sometimes referencing them from actual IRL living children.

I really love how troll of a guy they are -- JUST KIDDING -- he is so smart he has an IQ of a Minecraft Panda's AI. Do you know those 12 y/o neglected kids using Reddit? Their comments are literally cringe I cannot

Called me underage despite of being already in legal age. Called me a GAY/HOMOPHOBIC SLUR (I am not even gay)


"You will ever be South East Asian-Asian"... wow even racist insults lmao.

As far as I know, there is no person that is a South East Asian Asian.

They joined DeviantArt this day to support their loli connoisseur who is drawing a sexually suggested version photos of real life children whose parents did not even grant him permission or without their knowledge. He has accounts on other websites where he posts drawings of kids doing intercourse, according to a Twitter user (not gonna say whose Twitter account and where can you find it.)

I love how they did a bad Ad Hominem by judging my old practice artwork on a landscape drawing of Kvalvika Beach in Norway... about 3 years ago. It has something to do on an argument regarding pedophilia or tWO dEE uNdErAgE GiRlz iN s3X pOsItIoN iS hArMleZZ.


Called me a femoid for hating a pedophile.

Literally, being against a pedophile is not normal! Oh my God! Please get a LIFE! Plus, they know how consent WORKS!!! It is HUMAN INSTINCT TO REPRODUCE!!!

Drawings of kids in 18+ position is JUST A DRAWING! It is harmless!


Therefore, this subhuman who has valid argument carried alongside an Anime profile pic -- I mean -- subhummus -- has given me slurs and insults:

  1. Homophobic/gay
  2. Racist
  3. Sexist
  4. Ageist

Receipts: [WARNING: these might get you feel disgusted]




I have no screenshot of this from another tweet: A screenshot of 4chan user saying that when he paints pictures referenced from children, he puts an onion link

From Emmerson Bonnat in Quora:

What is the use of it?

.onion names are used to provide access to end to end encrypted, secure, anonymized services; that is, the identity and location of the server is obscured from the client. The location of the client is obscured from the server.

Hence, whoever needs privacy and anonymity like Hackers, Government officials, Journalists, Whistle-blowers, Illegal drug and weapon dealers, Hitman, etc. uses it.

Onion links are also used by people distributing "CP" [child p***] across the dark web so police wouldn't be easy to discover them.

How many times normal people have to say this?

I know what is Newgrounds, but please,

Guys, drawings of sexually suggesting art of children is still ILLEGAL AND DISGUSTING no matter what. IT STILL CARRIES THE FACT THAT THIS IS A CONCEPT AND IDEA OF CHILD BEING SEXUALLY ADVANTAGED regardless of being a photo of two kids doing intercourse, a drawing of almost naked 5 year old on a questionable position, a darkweb video, an animation or any disturbing media you see -- they are the same, JUST DIFFERENT MEDIA. CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT AND DO NOT HAVE THE IDEA OF CONSENT. The dirty men still see it as THE IDEA OF CHILDREN BEING SEXUALLY EXPLOITED for a drawing, even you say, it's harmelss, but, imma say again -- it carries the idea of kids getting into sexually questionable concepts.


Posted by VortexSupernova - 2 weeks ago

I did not pass the Uni interview and the course there is closest to what I want... but I guess... So that I wont get Covid and a lot of my family members have heart problems. (I'm a Filipino and it's usual here we're extended families in a single house)

Also, the current weather seems to be appropriate


Insert dog meme saying this is fine in burning house


Posted by VortexSupernova - June 1st, 2020

My headphones that I've been using for 4 years finally died lol. Aaaand... it was the first one I ever had. It's actually broken, but there are times it works and I returned to using it because the one I had as a replacement HAS ITS CORD EATEN BY THE MICE AND 😓


Luckily, I am currently on the phase of normalizing my songs and I have no new songs or else it's gonna devastate me... because I can't buy new ones due to the oof virus. Well... few weeks ago I'm already finished to some of my songs, what I mean by finished, no more future improvements are to be implemented, and that only applies to specific of my completed trance songs.

And yea,,,

So as a result, I'm coming back to making art. I don't want to upload them here as they are photomanipulations, which could get me castrated (even i dont have a pp) or unscouted. Might upload my other fully hand drawn here... but I'm currently practicing on matte paint and photomanip so... gonna be more active at a shit show UI/UX hell site called DeviantArt.

see ya~


Posted by VortexSupernova - May 26th, 2020




Posted by VortexSupernova - May 18th, 2020

Sup guys I'm back postin', kinda delayed for 2 +2 days since my ISP had a network error and the next day there was no electricity because of the storm. So here's a not big news: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm invited to be scouted in the audio portal by @RealFaction (he found me when I commented on his post that he was followed back by a popular NG fellow lol), which means I can now officially publish my EDM and Chiptune music and it will be available for download and usage for your shiz. But I'm still thinking if I should enable the GD usage (regardless if I'm whitelisted or not) because my songs have longer progressions and I think it would be painful to make up that for a 1-2 minute level (and some of them are pretty underground). Some careful considerations: I'm gonna become more careful (and since the beginning of time, I'm using only public domain samples and FX) because I don't want to put my scout leader into trouble. (I'm kinda glad my DAW has its shitty sampler having trouble handling loops, and that makes me unable to use loops ;D )

My saved projects that are listed as "Unscouted Demos #1-10" will be on obsolete state, and I will now plan to remaster the songs (if they don't have these weird compatibility issues from my DAW since I have some stuff made as far as near-alpha version of the program), rename to their official names and reupload the better versions with the completed structure.

Anyway, here's my songs that will/would be scheduled on upload: (song links on clyp or soundcloud are outdated except for Surge and New Beginning)

(All of them need to be normalized first.)

My genre is pretty dynamic, but I usually do not get out of Trance and 8-bit.

Wanted to say props again to @RealFaction! He recently released an album and I'm glad he's pretty ok now


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 25th, 2020

I was on an online forums and I was asking about limiters oversamplinf LUFS true peak limiters and no one answered me right away and my Discord is locked, so I had to read many articles from mastering studios (that I took weeks to get what they meant because im self taught) and find plug ins myself. Then I realized all my songs are 10 dBTP ad 0 LUFS and I had to export all of my sogs again to normalize them to less than 2 dBTP or in between -0.5 to 1.5 frick i have 30 songs this is exhausti omegalol


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 1st, 2020

Well, honestly, nothing's going good. The way my country's government handles these weird days makes me think my asthmatic lungs wouldn't make it through. So, ehem, I'm sorry, I'm gonna upload some shitty works before I die. Also, been remastering music stuff.


Posted by VortexSupernova - March 25th, 2020

My SoundClown account is desperate at this point. I needed real followers [where in fact I don't really like to beg] to save my account on these sea of spam bots because they target small accounts. I keep receiving spam from shits who want my stupid WIP song to be "promoted" by going to buy followers and listens from an unsecured website. Really? My recently submitted song has 3 comments from dicks who complement like, "aMAzInG s0nG" then say please visit my profile which has links for buying "real" reposts, followers and listens (who are actually real people). My song was also reposted by a damn bot and the dummy accounts who liked had "visit my profile for the link" text which redirect to a marketplace of buying followers, reposts and listens. My private messages (sigh... this private personal space???) is also invaded by those bastards and wanted me to "promote" my song by buying blah blah blah... ...

I hate that website. Stream quality is also piece of shit, my 16 bit 1411 kbps .wav song sounded like a 32 kbps .mp3 with clipping on higher frequencies and the supersaws got literally damaged. This even makes YouTube's stupid ass compression cause eargasm. Newgrounds and even underground audio hosting sites like Clyp.it can give out better quality. Wouldn't take this shitty ass website professionally anymore