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VortexSupernova's News

Posted by VortexSupernova - 4 days ago

i am tired.


Posted by VortexSupernova - November 11th, 2022

deviantart sank since mid 2020 and my photographer/photomanipulator friends became inactive and privated their ENTIRE gallery

damn wtf we can't get nice things for us artists and content creators. except we have one last thing that actually cared for us. love newgrounds mwah.

tumblr redemption arc???!?!

Posted by VortexSupernova - October 17th, 2022

had my birthday 2 days ago and it was good :D i only received one gift, and eating my favorite KFC chicken with my family.

my friends irl and in discord greeted me :D

anyways check out my new art i uploaded in newgrounds AFTER 2 months lol


Posted by VortexSupernova - September 9th, 2022

In the light of darkness...

I have ongoing projects!

Ok so Waterflame asked me if I could finish or show progress on some fan animatic/storyboard I made inspired from his album "Showdown". The storyboard is almost done if the unfinished third part can be disregarded. I actually made it out of boredom for my friends in his server and didn't expect would get good traction 😅 I shared it because why not, and them after watching, DuttonSaysHi wanting him dead and Avari wanting more gore (of someone she knows irl) Never also expecting that another friend will have their story inspired from my animation.

Maybe if I could release my unfinished stuff? Some "shitpost" songs I made in one sitting that sounds actually good. My drawings that were just "doodles." Animations I made for no reasons like this. Because I can never tell the good that comes out of it...

It was one of my biggest projects year besides Hypervolt's Art Style Collab for WF's discord server, and another personal project where I draw my friends' personas as Genshin characters lol. These would take forever since they are composed of several drawings. This is currently prompting me to finish everything I've started because of a certain thought...

Something personal that could be not any of your business

Currently, I am on exams and some personal family matters. Both of my paternal grandparents have now passed away, I knew it in the times of the day I am alone in the house having no one to talk to -- all my family members are working, I never went close to my classmates, I could have talked to my friends I have emotionally bonded in a community if only the timezones that they're not are asleep -- and on the day my maternal cousin was born and I need to do a performance for his birthday. I cannot remember how to read sheet music (Thank you Astrasuz for the help and the corrections), and I have exams at evening, which would collide to my grandmother's funeral which we would attend at night. I was excited to go to my cousin's house that is few hours away, then have my close friends have their favorite songs on my Spotify playlist while enjoying the car ride... but with the death of my grandmother, I don't know which is or is not appropriate.

Anywho... life continues. I will go study. and read sheet music. Stay safe everyone.


Posted by VortexSupernova - August 23rd, 2022



ᵗʰᵃᵗˢ ˡᶦᵗᵉʳᵃˡˡʸ ᵐᵉ ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ⁿᵒʷ

also new art lmao i need to use this account more often


Posted by VortexSupernova - June 5th, 2022

Ah so hello again. theres so much going through my life and i cant keep a focus, unfortunately, i have dropped NG, DeviantArt, and Twitter (should be a good news i guess) as my active spaces. Every Discord server is like joining a different website with all its different subcultures. Since 2021 and reviving my old Discord account, I used to be active in mostly music and arts related servers; a bit overwhelming so i decided to lay low on websites like Newgrounds.

Now i mostly reside in a -- yeah -- a 'tiny bit' chaotic place called... the Waterflame discord server. I ""hate"" every strand of my existence in that server for having 25,000 messages sent in 3 months last 2021, the stupid stuff I've done and I've been part of, and chatting 12 hours a day last year mostly about absolute nonsense and doing absolute nonsense, like: an admin, the moderators and regulars hanging out in the voice chat both deafened and muted for no reason and doing nothing, and laughing our asses off as why are we doing this. As of writing this, I am a part of the moderation team, and because of my time zone, I'm alive and monitoring when every other admin or mod is asleep or busy (I swear to god how many people think getting promoted to a moderator is like getting a badge or a trophy)

As for winning in the contest: I am an LMMS user (honestly, still, somewhat a bit embarrassed admitting I do) and the developers hold a yearly contest where you simply submit a song made from that near dilapidated DAW, called Best of LMMS (abbr. to "BoL"). I was submitting since 2018 and did never get into half places, nor close to rank 50 with all my very stupid mixing, melody structure, sound design etc. All the songs in winning places are so amazing! Some of the highest ranked songs sounds professionally produced. I wished I could get as better as the ones at least in 30th places. For last year, I got 24th place with Adventure Booze, and this year, third place out of estimated 145 submissions with Along the Ridge, which is among my lowest rated songs and my least popular here, but it excelled in other places and was praised by some of my online acquaintances.

They already released the entire album with other amazing songs in pay what you want cost :D


Also, i was greeted with my art being frontpaged. thanks everyone!


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 16th, 2022


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 16th, 2022

hotshot inside your mother. - ClaudyGamer



original image source


Posted by VortexSupernova - February 25th, 2022

CONTEXT: https://fma.ph/2022/02/18/veto-the-sim-card-registration-bill-protect-fundamental-human-rights/


(go to section 4)

Extremely dumb bill with vague wording and worse consequences. Who agrees to this aside from boomers?

I will NEVER tie my VortexSupernova moniker to my real sensitive information such as my Real Name

If this law passed and I have to put my name, phone number and other sensitive data to all my social media accounts, a death to the VortexSupernova moniker and my soc med accounts (2015-2022). I am not doing any crimes or atrocities, which the bill originally intended to, to prevent cybercriminal activities. I am only using this name to post art and music I made, and I would never do such attached to the username I've embraced which I built its own personality and an identity around it for a span of seven years since I was in 7th to 8th grade. I had to do this because I want a complete separation of my hobby, digital and in real life connections (my online friends that don't need to know my family issues, sharing surrealist memes that my age group gets and I talk to which are from other countries, fellow digital artists I met online that my in real life connections nobody would care about, etc.) and privacy to prevent getting stalked or people knowing where exactly I am, or using this information to destroy me or people I surround. In these current times, it's more dangerous: just because simply they found my old posts I made when I was a child and the horrible wording and grammar CAN be taken out of context for those who wish to destroy me, or did not agree to my opinion in Twitter for saying any opinion.

Aside from this, I was thinking of cutting ties with any of my online friends if it means to use any of my sensitive data, which I find unacceptable and painful; I have built a fort of friendship along with my friends on a popular Newgrounds musician's community, where most of my closest friends are (although not a really big fan and friendship was more of a goal than his fanbase's following) and it hurts witnessing myself deviating away from them just to protect my privacy and my life because of this stupid bill.

In the glimmer of hope,


"The Act also cannot penalize existing accounts with fictitious names and those created in other countries."

but I may have to abandon to be safe.


Posted by VortexSupernova - December 6th, 2021

i dont have the motivation to draw unless its for the 4 Discord servers I'm on