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Posted by VortexSupernova - 1 month ago

im now obliged to be reminded every 69 seconds that a drawing of catboy Watewfwame UwU senpai 😳☺ exist.

Please pass the damn bleach


Posted by VortexSupernova - August 30th, 2021

Oh yes XD I'm at the PC rn. So I just want to say I'm busy with school nowadays, and I spend most of the time with Discord on a few music and art communities. I have deleted the browser data of my phone to free up space since I record something with my phone for school. Ah, anyways, thanks for using my art on AIM submissions :D

I hope I could add more text but its exactly 3 am right now 👌


Posted by VortexSupernova - June 5th, 2021

Update to: https://vortexsupernova.newgrounds.com/news/post/1155536


Yearly, LMMS community has a tradition to make a yearly contest called "The Best of LMMS" which showcases the songs in the results using "the most ambitious DAW ever coded /s" -Lost Robot, developer

Out of the more than 200 submissions, less than 30 are chosen (25, the few others are honorable mentions)

And I am of them but

bruh, 24th place XD

Thanks to @RealGDJK for the ping, I was drawing and I forgot the results due in 1 day but I didn't care because I didn't expect it'll go through. I was confuzzled when I saw that lmao, the newer submissions are way more impressive than the previous years, and the judging has to go brrrrrrrr.

I forgot to say this: congratulations for the winners but also, congratulations to all who participated and learned from others and their own mistakes

I didn't expect to win or even belong in preliminaries, honestly the mixing is still unfinished because the entirety of the song has to be finished in 1 week and I'm still on school, but I got to make it through the 2 contests this song as been to:

Art Union (which it lost) and Best of LMMS

Last January, I got my song Serenade no.1 to Newgrounds frontpaged audio:

At the Production text channel of LMMS community Discord, I posted a few songs where some people find impressive. Hmm, my mind was set to few years ago and did not notice at all I was at a great growth starting this year. I'm perplexed when people find my stuff good. Well, I think, I need a reality check.

This is the song btw

I'm disappointed this got lesser views AND rating than the pre-master one ex dee


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 3rd, 2021

Remastered Adventure Booze, now wit moar bass and some cute vocal chops, better mixing:



havent uploaded yet my losing piece on Best of LMMS

it's due in almost a day

I'll submit mine tomorrow at April 4

Yes it's my losing piece xD I'm not that great at making music



Posted by VortexSupernova - March 23rd, 2021

Posted by VortexSupernova - February 26th, 2021

aeh, i'm really going busy as of this week. we had preliminary exams and some school projects. i had to make a tutorial about animation and i had to finish that in a span of less than 2 days. i slept at 5 am lol and just slept the whole ass thursday and awake for like, 3 hours. aww man my body clock going in chaos again. i still have to finish 4 requirements, so i cant go back here as soon as possible.

regarding my art and music: i finally finished sum stuff earlier. 2 songs finished! i finally finished 2 projects (an abandoned song and an abandoned artwork) that i did both in 2018.


my 4 gb ram card in its dying moment is definitely worth it -- without getting any bsod's!

i'm working a new shitpost animation i did for a small community. foregrounds are done in coloring, and i should proceed after that to the background, and imma work to the audio.


Posted by VortexSupernova - January 17th, 2021

So yeah... it was back this week. I already have some school tasks to finish and I would upload stuff that are done.

Turns out that I'm adding projects and abandoning them instead of finishing them lol eggs dee. Anyways, I'm okay, my ears were fine since first week on New Year. Though, feeling some difficulty because my ears are used to unbalanced thingies and songs with sounds that change panning and anything tht is not center panned confuse me a lot. Like, A. LOT. I would publish a few of my songs that were already finished which include the 2 revamps. I will fix a few of the songs that I will include in my first album and make sure it works well in mono.

When the class started, I couldn't adapt a bit. Because my workspace AND my bed is at the top part of the double decker bed, I'm not really used to whatever position I was on at the old house. My table is at the head. The schedule is becoming w i d e r and at the same time, more vacant. Tbh, I would choose a 2 pm dismissal time with no vacant rather than 4:20 pm (lol noice time) dismissal with many spacious time. Kek with that schedule I cannot sleep as soon as possible.

Anyways..... I hope you have a great day. Or night. See ya.


Posted by VortexSupernova - January 10th, 2021

Lol he tried to bypass the banhammer by Tweeting to the official president account lmao how desperate


How unfortunate to have his Tweets below deleted by Twitter mods aww man!!! :(




Posted by VortexSupernova - January 7th, 2021

The fuck is happening at the US? These asses need to accept their cult leader has lost. To da 'mericans here close to the incident location: I hope y'all safe from these radicals.

Oh no. Not again.

Don't tell me 2021 is a WIP song actually named Gregorian Calendar - 2020 (Extended mix) and we're at December 38, 2020

Posted by VortexSupernova - January 3rd, 2021

Harru every nyan. So, what a good way to start my new year in NG. I just hit 100 follows and a second featured art ;D

Thanks to whoever people made this for frontpage!

Also, updated this a bit:

Brought back the 76 bpm tempo, added a bass line and tweaked cymbals