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VortexSupernova's News

Posted by VortexSupernova - 8 days ago

So yeah... it was back this week. I already have some school tasks to finish and I would upload stuff that are done.

Turns out that I'm adding projects and abandoning them instead of finishing them lol eggs dee. Anyways, I'm okay, my ears were fine since first week on New Year. Though, feeling some difficulty because my ears are used to unbalanced thingies and songs with sounds that change panning and anything tht is not center panned confuse me a lot. Like, A. LOT. I would publish a few of my songs that were already finished which include the 2 revamps. I will fix a few of the songs that I will include in my first album and make sure it works well in mono.

When the class started, I couldn't adapt a bit. Because my workspace AND my bed is at the top part of the double decker bed, I'm not really used to whatever position I was on at the old house. My table is at the head. The schedule is becoming w i d e r and at the same time, more vacant. Tbh, I would choose a 2 pm dismissal time with no vacant rather than 4:20 pm (lol noice time) dismissal with many spacious time. Kek with that schedule I cannot sleep as soon as possible.

Anyways..... I hope you have a great day. Or night. See ya.

Posted by VortexSupernova - 2 weeks ago

Lol he tried to bypass the banhammer by Tweeting to the official president account lmao how desperate


How unfortunate to have his Tweets below deleted by Twitter mods aww man!!! :(




Posted by VortexSupernova - 2 weeks ago

The fuck is happening at the US? These asses need to accept their cult leader has lost. To da 'mericans here close to the incident location: I hope y'all safe from these radicals.

Oh no. Not again.

Don't tell me 2021 is a WIP song actually named Gregorian Calendar - 2020 (Extended mix) and we're at December 38, 2020

Posted by VortexSupernova - 3 weeks ago

Harru every nyan. So, what a good way to start my new year in NG. I just hit 100 follows and a second featured art ;D

Thanks to whoever people made this for frontpage!

Also, updated this a bit:

Brought back the 76 bpm tempo, added a bass line and tweaked cymbals


Posted by VortexSupernova - 1 month ago

So in Pacific, we already hit new year! ;D Unlike others, I won't be writing a long ass essay, because I do not really like to write what happened to me this year. And I don't like it.... although, there are good things that happened, I do not have the good mental stability to retrospect.

I hope this year gets better [or it may go worse depending on what happens]

I really want the motorcycle riders -- who equipped a loud ass exhaust as an exchange to the fireworks ban -- to just STFU because the loud cacophonic noise is just triggering my anxiety. Can they just play Budots music lmao bruh

Posted by VortexSupernova - 1 month ago

So, today and few days ago, I started participating again in Judgement Portal! (After 3 years) Before I got 0 blams, less than 20 saves, now 6 blams + 2 stolen content I reported and 38 saves! Because my Chrome shits I only go to judge animations for the meantime.

Ayo, I don't know how PredatorMusic and ChordC found me but thanks for the follow (●'◡'●)

Regarding the music,

I'm planning to release a new song (and remaster it after my right ear gets well) This is the old version:

The new version will include several fixes. Thanks to Dadush!


Before I work on it, are there still some things needed to improve? (no... I aint gonna post this question to forums)

Also, I'm planning to finish an animation.


Posted by VortexSupernova - 1 month ago

so Happy Holidays. As of this writing, it's gonna be less than 6 hours before Christmas.

They went into grocery to but Christmas gifts and they showed me what is it. I got a new mouse, finally, after 4 months. I got some extension cord which is I needed but my dad gave me another. But something is missing really. I cleaned my ears and the buds were big.. so my hearing in my right ear is not good. I cannot make music, and I was currently doin a mixing of my five songs. This is detrimental to that phase, I cannot hear much high ends in my right ear. Even the deafening dog bark my half spitz would do cannot make me back out.

I just want my hearing back in my right ear, I'm NOT asking any material gifts. I told this to my mom but the way she answered, she isn't interested and said, the hospital is accepting covid patients. I'm not sure if the ear doctor my sister had has a home clinic .I do not know if there is an infection or not. I would stop making music because of this. Nevertheless, I'm not gonna make [trash] music anymore, but I'm still alive for not having covid for checking up in the hospital.

not a good Christmas I say.

Edit: was now enlisted in the clinic. dk abt if its safe though



Posted by VortexSupernova - December 8th, 2020

Hello.. I've been inactive. Not only school-related, but my mental stability as well is on the brink of decay.

so I'm gonna answer @Cyberdevil

Yes, I'm aight... but as of now, my physical and mental health is deteriorating quicker than ever. I'm seeing my ribs and pelvic bone getting more pronounced. I lose mental energy on everything, I sleep at 5:30 am and my classes at 8:00 am. I do not submit requirements on time anymore and it feels so draining. I wanted and need to do something ASAP but I can't. I felt like... I don't like it anymore. I'm tired. For some school projects I did 2 weeks ago, I ended up sleeping at 5:30 am. My body clock is dilapidated since then. I sleep when I shouldn't be (at afternoon). I cannot do the exercise because my physical health ain't doing well.. I should have submitted 5 exercises yesterday, and 2 essays, that I should have submitted few days ago but I can't because I feel so drained. I cannot explain why, I really need to catch up and rest. (Also, my internet is slower. I had DNS errors thrice a week. My ISP went shit after the storm. The typhoon is almost A MONTH ago so they shouldn't have any problems.)

I crawled slowly away from the dark by submitting stuff to my SoundCloud and LMMS sharing platform. (I submitted few hours away from Jordan Kyser, he prob saw me on Discord this day and LSP a week ago) Some presets and songs I did for an hour, but will never be submitted in Newgrounds. But of all the websites, I wouldn't go to DeviantArt. The website itself is a drama island with the uncompetitive site owners.

Within a week, me and my family will move out to the new house. I'll miss the old wooden house I'm currently on as of this typing. My brother can't wait to move out, but I'm really salty. I'm getting the Inside Out Riley vibe I don't like. I won't move out till we get the bill and the ISP finally gets the internet and cable transferred. I would sleep with my siblings and if one is working, the lights can't be turned off... especially I sleep on the top of a double deck bed and the corner light is just at the top of my pillow. And they wouldn't want the lights to be turned off because no one would like to buy a damn lamp.

I made new drawings... that are of course related to school. I can't do personal ones. I did no new songs. (Well I'm saying "new" songs but I upload almost nothing lol). I did two videos, the other is 9 minutes, with animations, and the other one is 21 minutes. I was dead. I had to edit the video's audio in LMMS and Cakewalk because Audacity does not let me edit while the shit is playing and it's time consuming to pause, apply fx then listen.

I'm planning to release an album containing 5 extended mix of Uplifting Anthem trance songs, starting from the one I did in mid 2019. Each is 5 to 8 mins long. I had to restart the mixing and mastering of one song (which sucks because I had to import presets and automations all over again) but at least I had tested a mastering/mixing template of a song, then I also wrote down the loudness values of each songs' each part to ensure consistency in each song. The album songs share the same presets, but they all sound very different and not alike :)


I'm sorry @OrangeFluff for unfriending you, my feed was a mess with "friends are following". The combination was worse with an unstable internet connection. I'm not angry though.

Of all the bad things there are good things. @Nuskoo I really did not expect it... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the Supporter badge :D This really made my day. I'm happy than ever (T ͜ʖ T)

Thanks for reading.

Please send a short YouTube meme below to cheer me up.


Posted by VortexSupernova - November 17th, 2020

Uaghhhh... my country was hit by nother storm lol and classes were moved like 2 weeks. Some areas in my province is terribly flooded and some still dont have electricity even almost after 1 week. Wifi is A LOT SLOWER and almost everyday I experience DNS server errors.

Im really busy and I dont feel like doing stuff ;_; cri. I might reply to notes, reviews once I finish my big ass storybook and a video presentation.


Posted by VortexSupernova - November 11th, 2020

If you quitted DeviantArt, be glad you already did!

Some of us tried to give it a chance after Eclipse aka forced implementation of unstable mobile interface in Alpha stage. The UI of Eclipse gave me migraines and eye sores -- and almost every user in their website did!! We can't stay in the site for more than 3 minutes. Since then, functionality is almost obsolete. Premium membership is now obsolete. So much useful things gone. So much useless things added. Searching things is pain. Navigation is absurd. We had a "Sound of Silence" event by users that they won't log in for 3 days. It did nothing. We thought it's that bad.

After that, November 9, I thought the new update adds the long lost features, but what? If you are not a premium member, you cannot withdraw your earnings without a huuuuuuuuuuge ass percentage that the money goes to staff. They literally holding a ransom xD They added three tiers of premium membership/"Core" that not only getting basic one twice is more affordable than buying the higher tiers, but they added some "shards/diamond gems/crystal fragments" cosmetic in awarding comments.

Damn, bruh... Shards and diamond gems? Is this Geometry Dash... but Reddit? Some DnD-themed game? or a literal art site? that gives badges to users that does almost nothing except to give premium membership for free. What's the use of premium membership anyway after Eclipse, except that you needed it if you don't want the site owners get more than $30 from your earnings? We all hated this. So much suffering and betrayal it's laughable and we're used to it. Can't even fix the goddamn mobile app and mobile browser interface that I just go to NG.

I can't stress this enough, DeviantArt's status update looks hilariously disgusting; it's literally Facebook



I doubt if this site lasts for 5 years, or maybe, a year.

Stay classy, and remember to listen to your community