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Congrats dude

kruno5 responds:

ayy thankz

This reminds me of myself when I was finding something and I got high blood pressure from trying to remember where did I last saw it then I realized I was holding it


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I'm browsing NG on my Samsung android and this is the first time an online game from NG worked on my phone uwu

Very simple objective but very hard process. The tutorials need to be some sort of detailed and yea... "protips". I felt I was left in the air after the first level. I was like, wow easy, but in the second level I was like o shit. I dont wanna get past level 4 because my rotting brain can't figure out anymore. But the overall game design is really good and minimally cute. Would like to see games other than this that incorporate music-focused aspect to puzzle genre

Gg 4 stars

I have to zoom it on 75% to make this fit on mah screen

But it feels good I can force daddy Tom to cosplay Hatsune Miku uwu

MKMaffo responds:

Should be fixed now oopsi, and hell ye Tomtsune Mikulp

dammn rip my RAM and chrome being always heavyweight, but tis good i guess

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This is a good track, the suspense part at the middle part is great. And mixing is impressive considering that you used LMMS alone. It looks very fitting for a cartoony animation!

I love how it starts as gloomy, somewhat travelling alone along the lonely trail on a tall grass field to a mild melody, like an adventurer found a village to rest and to drink there with some peeps. Really love how this feels like the notes are telling some sort of short story

That's a very nice groove! Is this an impromptu?

Good luck on your quarantine :)

Dadush responds:

Thanks, yeah this is very much an impromptu project. It's a thing I can do with my day without being strenuous. And I want it to be something I can look back at with the progress of each day and how I was then.

I'll see where it goes from here.

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I wouldnt kill the ender dragon if she was this thicc

9/10 juicy enough

All i could say this is badass and very nice composition on that amalgamation of characters

Man this game brings memories. First of all, I remember forcing myself to play this game on a family visit so I couldnt be OP with my cousins, but theyre done on Clubstep and I'm still on Clutterfunk for years.

Secondly, the auto level that displays a questionable pixel art and uses the audio that has an ID of 13645

Yeet my deadass soul into the oblivion

Tracing paper @VortexSupernova

OOF @ digital art

Humanities/Social sci strand


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