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I like this style, but Goddamn he just pulled dat mood from "When mom left me in the supermarket with the shopping cart" escalating to DEJA VU I'VE IN THIS PLACE BEFORE

Beautiful, I'd say. :D Transitions are nice and everything seems balanced. Feels short though, I would like to see whats next :)

CartoonChill responds:

Thank you <3 It is short because I had to make this under a week for my animation class final. In terms of what's next, I've considered making this a mini-series, so get excited if I decide to do so :)!!

Good upload, but I think this fits in the art submissions rather than the main Portal.

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Nice demo. Maybe add some rain sound effects, many good free public domain stuff in FreeSound or a silent white noise will do. Though... it's aight, feels refreshing and I like playing around with the lilies and water/ripples effect.

mutajinn responds:

Yeah, I agree some simple SFX would make a big difference. I may add some if I finish my "real" jam entry with time to spare (unlikely).

I'm browsing NG on my Samsung android and this is the first time an online game from NG worked on my phone uwu

Very simple objective but very hard process. The tutorials need to be some sort of detailed and yea... "protips". I felt I was left in the air after the first level. I was like, wow easy, but in the second level I was like o shit. I dont wanna get past level 4 because my rotting brain can't figure out anymore. But the overall game design is really good and minimally cute. Would like to see games other than this that incorporate music-focused aspect to puzzle genre

Gg 4 stars

I have to zoom it on 75% to make this fit on mah screen

But it feels good I can force daddy Tom to cosplay Hatsune Miku uwu

MKMaffo responds:

Should be fixed now oopsi, and hell ye Tomtsune Mikulp

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This takes me back to the old Gameboy handheld consoles, damn I love it.

TeraVex responds:

Ahh thank you!!!

Well... this is good! It sounds like an epic bootleg of a classic video game music turned into dubstep. Leads gritty enuff but it sounds like getting distorted from the compression, though that sounds intentional. Nice mix btw

dis is da most epicest song eva i r8 69/69 and 420 stars

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Aight man its nice. Is this inspired from the babaylan?

Purebreed Filipina here~ it's an ok design since she isn't fair skinned and she doesnt look very much eurocentric, but she looks a little like that of Latina/South American Hispanic for me. Maybe make her eyes a little bit close or thinner (but not too much like that of East Asian) and rounder face. The nose is aight and theres no perfect straight nose bridges and sharp/aquiline tip which is caucasian. Our noses are also flat and roundy like Moana from Disney. Btw I sound too demanding xD Good work!

Edit: bruh sleepy react >:(

Just saw "Cheeky Brickie"

u a man of culture

ChazDude responds:

how cheeky of me

I thought that this is the claw machine alien dudes in Toy Story 😂 Anyways, good work!

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