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Rewatching to resurrect my 10-year old naive self. Great as always.

Hmm Im thinking its gonna be awesome-ly animated even with a 2-second peek :)

That is very... fantastique. It's funny on how the music and the animation are synced very well. Even with minimal graphics it speaks big communication between the sound design and the art design. Bravo.

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dammn rip my RAM and chrome being always heavyweight, but tis good i guess

t-th-the controls... the controls are just horrible. There are some times that the sprite hangs on the edge of the platform and the animation movement is so buggy that it won't even move. The walk cycle is weird like -- YOU DON'T WALK LIKE THAT. and why does it walk that way? And, each levels are the same. The weird characters and the annoying music just change. Not even the DAMN PLATFORMS LOL.

The music? oh... I don't mean to take this -so seriously- but. IN MY OPINION. they're just a disgrace to the musicians who created them even I am not a big fan of them anymore.
Oh well, ELECTROPAN ADVENTUREZ and Time Leap... i would almost delete the downloaded original in my PC archives just not to remember these c r i n g e o v e r l o a d covers

sorry if it seems I don't get the joke... but for me it is not like :the game: where it gets all right humor and memes. The humor is not 'relatable' to anyone and not everyone likes this amount of cringe.

Hope ya respekt my revyew

Espero que uses Google translate cuando quieras entender a alguien.

ElMadLoco responds:

As you said, I answer with google translate for that it does not matter xd, the truth those collision errors that you mentioned I would like to fix them but I do not know how xd

Hah, this is amazing... the twist makes me wanna play again.

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This song is amazing. Like, (1) I love how you managed to make New Age while still being able to use your specific style or sound design at the same time and (2) this whole ass song is synethesia. The first 36 seconds makes me feel I'm feeling the cold breeze of sunrise and watching the sky fade from blue to yellow. 37-53 sec smells coffee & pancakes at a warm morning after I take a bath. 54+ seconds is when you walk goin to train station otw to ur work and encounter sum kids playing at the streets

On a personal note, I remember listening to this song every time my dad drives me and my siblings to school every cold mornin' last January, few months before COVID19 hits and the world falls behind silent. (Also, if you remember me, I'm the one who made the stupid animation of this and published on Twitter on your late birthday lol, I hope ur still not angery or sumtin)

Alesda on Arcadium?!?!?!?

I give this an UwU out of 5 stars

bruh "free to use" Monstercat release on Newgrounds and a goddamn free download enabled right in the upper right screen... bitch am I dreaming?

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well done

This is a good redesign

This is me when πŸ’―β˜ΊπŸ’–πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’œπŸ€‘πŸ₯Ί


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