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The future of <strike>bitcoin mining hardware</strike> -- I mean, better gaming pc's

I like this style, but Goddamn he just pulled dat mood from "When mom left me in the supermarket with the shopping cart" escalating to DEJA VU I'VE IN THIS PLACE BEFORE

Beautiful, I'd say. :D Transitions are nice and everything seems balanced. Feels short though, I would like to see whats next :)

CartoonChill responds:

Thank you <3 It is short because I had to make this under a week for my animation class final. In terms of what's next, I've considered making this a mini-series, so get excited if I decide to do so :)!!

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i want to play this peacefully without slamming my keyboard but my brain said to my eye and hands, "Here's a 256 ms latency signal"

thanks for the nostalgia

Nice demo. Maybe add some rain sound effects, many good free public domain stuff in FreeSound or a silent white noise will do. Though... it's aight, feels refreshing and I like playing around with the lilies and water/ripples effect.

mutajinn responds:

Yeah, I agree some simple SFX would make a big difference. I may add some if I finish my "real" jam entry with time to spare (unlikely).

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Hello from your Discord server!
I really like this one. I was on your stream and I listened to a bunch of your old songs. Your mixing has improved so much (barely audible compression now) and I like that 2000's feel with 8-bit style :D

Wow dude
I have no other comments...
That's really amazing that you could rap on this one!
I'm just amazed

Cyberdevil responds:

Heey appreciate it Supernova. :) Didn't turn out as perfect as last but it's something huh!

this is really awesome dude

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Very epicc and nice perspective ;D

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Very ebin thank you!

The level of detail is amazing in this one

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks, yo!

Complementary color epicness

Aura: Art Lover
*I'm still active... just commenting and rating sum stuff!

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