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Happy B-Day :D

Ayeee thanks lil bruva
( >ಥ◡ಥ)>❤

gangnam style

...(•_•) /.......\ (•_•)

Thank you for singing, you have a beautiful voice <3

Whaaaat TomFulp just followed you?! :D That is CRAZY. And just after me too. It's almost like... maybe he saw my follow aaand... nah... that can't be. Shout-out @Quisty too! Seems you're at the start of a promising creative venture here, if you so choose to keep embarking on it...

That mouse click thing must be frustrating. XD I have one where the left click occasionally double clicks on single click, so you end up opening multiple menus, or resizing windows, or doing other things you don't really intend to do. Fortunately currently not using that particular mouse. I swapped it with the one on my gaming computer. Not as much left-click required with the games I now very rarely play but it might make for interesting experiences anyway...

Regarding the remix thing, you can always add the original track as reference under 'Users & Credits' too without any confirmation, and just go with that when the license allows, if for some reason they don't happen to be online/answer the request. Always good common courtesy otherwise for sure!

Also Happy +1st Birthday! :) May the day be amazing, no matter how near or at how far a distance you're celebratin'!

Been great speaking to ya too!

Thank you! I hope I receive a good mouse soon! xD Yes it's crazy, I wasn't getting much active in this site and some people suddenly following me :O And, thank you for the additional info about the project contributors thingy, very helpful <3

Happy Birthday! YAY!

Aww man thanks <3

P.S. I folowed you before it became mainstream XD

Yeah, I remember that was like mid-2018!

Dannng @Pecheneg you're ahead of your time! :D

You do make great art though so it probably peaks for itself! Hopefully bright future with great artistic blow-up potential just waiting around the competitive first curve...

I doubt if I woold evah reach mainstream, but maybe I'm underestimating myself, who knows what happens lol I always believe I'm a very limited person

@Pecheneg wait I'm reading this at 1 am... I did not comprehend properly wtf XD

Oui, merci

You never know. :) The mind's the only limit too! We let it get the best of us all too often.

Btw it seems my keyboard recently has a tendency to skip certain letters too...

Any confusion with Pecheneg's comment still lingering btw? :D It seems like following you is the mainstream thing now, even TomFulp doin' it!

I realize I'm probably explaining things you already know again.

Happy birthday!