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*I'm still active... just commenting and rating sum stuff!
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Mission failed, you’ll get’em next time (dead meme I know)

At least you learned a thing or two, it’s better than not participating at all. Don’t let it bring you down.

Aww ye. I'm disappointed I didn't lose as I expected. Indeed I learned from others and myself as well!

Ah you just made the list. XD For a moment I thought you were THE ONE!

But still, that's really cool.

As for the master mix getting less views, I guess maybe it's that people had seen the other one recently too; didn't really differentiate as they should have... at least I know I didn't. Thought it was maybe just a re-upload at first. But maybe it's more so just unlucky timing. A lot of other music. Who knows...

24th place in around 200 btw, that makes you part of the top 12%. The uppermost 1/8. Not bad at all!!!

Hmm yea thats what I was also thinking, that they knew its a reupload xd but I don't mind as much. Not really that bad indeed, even though only until 25th are chosen and I'm 24th haha. I submitted in this contest since 2018 where it was less competitive and I wasn't even in honorable mentions

Hehe yeah but better think about those 200 more than the 25. XD Sounds like either the community event's getting less traction now or you're really getting better and better, probably the latter! ;)

The community is getting better, the submissions in total are 250. Back then, less submissions, having a pretty ok chord progression and sound design can make you to the lists, and the submission from the last place doesnt really feel good mmm. Nowadays, even the last among who went first elimination is not bad, is actually pretty decent, and your song has to be really good to make it to until honorable mentions. Not only the community is getting better, but also the software/DAW I'm using (which held the contest). Back then you can't use any VST's.

Good to hear. Are you joining in next time too? Hopefully steady climbing with each of these if so.

Hopefully... if I'm still alive next year or I'm fine, I'm getting better in mixing and mastering and I would like to test my limits. I just have to choose which song would work and that's the hard part.

Woah now, do hope you're alive at least! And relatively fine. All things relative.

Mmm, if you ever want a second opinion on something like that feel free to reach out, though I'm sure you'd be the better selector anyway.

Heeey random owl video: https://youtu.be/71PD2f1ogyk

Thought you might appreciate.

Woah, you won BoL! I didn't even know it was there until the judges announced that the judgement is taking a really long time.

ah yeah, I did not even expect to get into winning list. Someone in SoundCloud just tole me to put this on BoL, so I did XD
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amogus drammatic

Hey, another random video for ya: https://youtu.be/GKNB7Eid-ek

How is everything lately? Hopefully alright?

Hey thanks! I really enjoyed these vids, and the Yoshi lick being my most favorite ? I just returned yesterday bc I deleted Chrome data in my phone (I usually use NG in my phones browser) and - woh - the emotes have changed! Finally the LMAO react getting its deserved right emote but I would really miss the old ones

I reaaally liked this one too! XD Caught me by surprise.

Welcome back! Just noticed those emotes too, though I used to use the 'laughing' emoji as a more so 'very happy' emoji, before they had a label for it, so suddenly a ton of my older posts and comments are probably even more misleading than they were before this last upgrade. XD Reminds you how easy it is for historical things to change just depending on new norms and context. Nothing's forever. All's relative. But they do look pretty smooth...