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goin' busy. ya

Posted by VortexSupernova - February 26th, 2021

aeh, i'm really going busy as of this week. we had preliminary exams and some school projects. i had to make a tutorial about animation and i had to finish that in a span of less than 2 days. i slept at 5 am lol and just slept the whole ass thursday and awake for like, 3 hours. aww man my body clock going in chaos again. i still have to finish 4 requirements, so i cant go back here as soon as possible.

regarding my art and music: i finally finished sum stuff earlier. 2 songs finished! i finally finished 2 projects (an abandoned song and an abandoned artwork) that i did both in 2018.


my 4 gb ram card in its dying moment is definitely worth it -- without getting any bsod's!

i'm working a new shitpost animation i did for a small community. foregrounds are done in coloring, and i should proceed after that to the background, and imma work to the audio.



Krita alone using up almost all RAM there?! And dannnng those schedules/deadlines/sleeping habits! Hope you manage and recoup like crazy now... if you didn't already...

Ah... too much layers. Each element in the drawing had its own sublayers for overlay, base color and such. Im pretty much okay now, Im getting very sleepy at 1 am and my body trna go back to normal. I try to jive in Discord community but damn when I'm awake, people in the server are asleep. When theyre awake, Im alseep. Lmao.

Good news regarding the songs though at least!

@Cyberdevil Im also planning to enter 2 music contest on those servers but damn I dont know which and where should I go first, and the deadline of both is last week of march.

Ah, wonder how many layers it takes to bring it that high? Do you have a count anywhere in the program?

What a talent to recoup so quickly. :) Been trying to move from closer to 2 AM to closer to 1 AM but it's just not happening, maybe I don't tire myself out enough that I just collapse when I need to though... lmao. XD Same here. No community, but I'm collabing with a few people in the US and this seven hour difference + work day schedule makes the collaboration window so small, end up staying up later than I should when they always have half the day left.

Contests sound doable if you really go for it though! If you don't have a ton of other stuff to attend to of course.

I'm getting involved with the FNF jams a bit myself. So much potential there. Crazy what a wave of new users we're getting thanks to a game that was actually popular here first...