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i want to play this peacefully without slamming my keyboard but my brain said to my eye and hands, "Here's a 256 ms latency signal"

thanks for the nostalgia

Nice demo. Maybe add some rain sound effects, many good free public domain stuff in FreeSound or a silent white noise will do. Though... it's aight, feels refreshing and I like playing around with the lilies and water/ripples effect.

mutajinn responds:

Yeah, I agree some simple SFX would make a big difference. I may add some if I finish my "real" jam entry with time to spare (unlikely).

I'm browsing NG on my Samsung android and this is the first time an online game from NG worked on my phone uwu

Very simple objective but very hard process. The tutorials need to be some sort of detailed and yea... "protips". I felt I was left in the air after the first level. I was like, wow easy, but in the second level I was like o shit. I dont wanna get past level 4 because my rotting brain can't figure out anymore. But the overall game design is really good and minimally cute. Would like to see games other than this that incorporate music-focused aspect to puzzle genre

Gg 4 stars

I have to zoom it on 75% to make this fit on mah screen

But it feels good I can force daddy Tom to cosplay Hatsune Miku uwu

MKMaffo responds:

Should be fixed now oopsi, and hell ye Tomtsune Mikulp

dammn rip my RAM and chrome being always heavyweight, but tis good i guess

t-th-the controls... the controls are just horrible. There are some times that the sprite hangs on the edge of the platform and the animation movement is so buggy that it won't even move. The walk cycle is weird like -- YOU DON'T WALK LIKE THAT. and why does it walk that way? And, each levels are the same. The weird characters and the annoying music just change. Not even the DAMN PLATFORMS LOL.

The music? oh... I don't mean to take this -so seriously- but. IN MY OPINION. they're just a disgrace to the musicians who created them even I am not a big fan of them anymore.
Oh well, ELECTROPAN ADVENTUREZ and Time Leap... i would almost delete the downloaded original in my PC archives just not to remember these c r i n g e o v e r l o a d covers

sorry if it seems I don't get the joke... but for me it is not like :the game: where it gets all right humor and memes. The humor is not 'relatable' to anyone and not everyone likes this amount of cringe.

Hope ya respekt my revyew

Espero que uses Google translate cuando quieras entender a alguien.

ElMadLoco responds:

As you said, I answer with google translate for that it does not matter xd, the truth those collision errors that you mentioned I would like to fix them but I do not know how xd

Hah, this is amazing... the twist makes me wanna play again.

this game is unsecured -- or just some coding problems?? I can't play the game, whenever I left click on the game I redirect to https://storm.infip lay.com/ or http://poster.vivaga mes.me/storm/reg?pn=3&sp=103&ss=WW&ts=731
(sorry if i rate one star its just unplayable) :\

Harlemblack responds:

my bad. there is some glitch that I missed during the play test. It's been fixed now. Thank you for the input.

This game is okay. But i don't know why it looks like badly optimized and slow moving. The music is OK, the graphics are fair -- the sprites are 8-bit but the background art is more of a 32-bit one, so the graphics are not consistent in the 8-bit theme. I know it is not that easy to develop the graphics and coding altogether. On what youve mentioned, this is your first game. Fair though, 2/5. Couldnt be "run 'n gun" due to slow moving of the game haha, but that is not the basis of my rating.

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