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Poggers :sf_uwu: i love the basslines

Hello from your Discord server!
I really like this one. I was on your stream and I listened to a bunch of your old songs. Your mixing has improved so much (barely audible compression now) and I like that 2000's feel with 8-bit style :D

Wow dude
I have no other comments...
That's really amazing that you could rap on this one!
I'm just amazed

Cyberdevil responds:

Heey appreciate it Supernova. :) Didn't turn out as perfect as last but it's something huh!

this is really awesome dude

WOAH I Didn't know I could also review even I'm listed as an inspiration, so I would type below xd

Holy shit this is cool! I just love the melody and the joyful, peaceful, and mysterious feeling on it, which almost perfectly depicts the original game. I love it!

ChordC responds:

Wow, didn’t know that you can do that, the more you know XD

Yeeee!! This is one of my most ‘emotional’ piece so far. I tried to combine peaceful, joyful, sad and uncertain emotions in this song, which is why some parts are relaxed, upbeat, and eerie. Thank you for letting me use your art as inspiration as well! Keep making amazing things!!

this is the theme song of the groovy ass mf from the friend squad coming back again from the pandemic

ChordC responds:

Ahh the friends reunion thing? I don’t know what their show is all about, but their intro song is sure is catchy!

It,s a great song, I have listened it month ago and what a nice interpretation! The artwork was meant to illustrate a melodic dubstep's atmosphere
The mixing is godly oooo

Just one note: the link for the art redirects to a Schtiffles song xd

Kysertron responds:

Fixed the link XD
(fun fact: I was listening to the Schtiffles song at the time of doing the description, so that link was copied instead of the art XD)


I really wish I switched off Do not Disturb mode to sit back and witness the #General chat burning.

Edit: I missed the whole Discord fiasco. I wish I was there!

Viraxor responds:

we were muted in #general hahah

This looks cool!

Potatoes gonna pot8

Aura: Art Lover
*I'm still active... just commenting and rating sum stuff!
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