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VortexSupernova's News

Posted by VortexSupernova - 8 days ago

new shizz

About some art:

I plan to also digitalize this collection of Madness drawings I did on my pad paper at junior high. Hopefully, I hope I would have some time right after the midterms and trace it sooner :D


"New" songs (actually just finally fixed after abandoning for months lol)

After a few days, I'm happy I finally completed my 3 other songs after months kek

PEEK!!! https://clyp.it/iocvmnew?token=ba93270ac59f71552de541468504e7d6

It turns out it is absolutely easier to fix the song if you create a new project file again and then copy the VSTi/instrument presets, automations & piano roll midi loops when the mixing is unfixable horse crap

0:00-0:30 - DnB id (now named "Escapade", successor of the original Surge VSTi test project)

0:31-1:22 - Trance house id (Was named "Surge" because the project file was originally used to test the Surge VSTi that is ironically not used in the song, but I guess, this is a good official title)

1:22 - 2:11 - pre-mixed song I did last March and finally decided to fix in one day. Prerelease is opened to registered users: https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/audio/1536347/preview

So about the animation, I am planning to digitalize the storyboard of the Minecraft shitpost-tier animation I did on my notebook. But I still have to finish another one on the queue. Will add some colors:


night night~~~


Posted by VortexSupernova - 12 days ago

Todai (after todai) is mai birthdai

Oi hallo guys. Tomorrow iz mah birthday, I will turn age+1 but I will post this in advance because I'm really busy at uni. I can't rate stuff or respond to PM's (I currently have a long ass conversation with someone, I'm sorry I can't respond because I need more brain cells that evaporated during online classes) I promise when it's ok I will return and rate stuff on my queue :D I have to do many writing materials bruv it's frustrating. And I did a 16 minute video with animations and illustrations in a span of 2 days that left me wit heavy eyebags. Tho, my group got a perfect score it's a mega UwU-ness eeeeeeee

I'm not really wanting a material thing on my birthday, something that makes me feel better by intangible things is enuff for me. Celebrating with my family and my online classmates I never met irl greeting me is ok. I think non-material things and experiences feel more rewarding than material ones UNLESS it's an optical mouse, I can't make art and music properly because the left click is dying and I need to use the right button to use as the main click. And I keep confusing left and right click commands ;-;

Regarding my previous post, I have mentioned that I was a bit overwhelmed about the interaction here. But, thanks to @Cyberdevil for a really good conversation! I now feel less of a stray cat.

Also, I'm reaally thank you for the recent people who followed me~


I did not expect veteran members and... TOM FULP????!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

:O uwaaaaaahhhh asdfghjklzxcvbnm

I made 2 new songs (The DnB one is done and my other uplifting trance is done finally after 6 months lol) and I'm planning to do a Cinematic Orchestral cover of one of my most favorite songs here, but I will try to ask the owner first even it's a basic CC license with commercial and derivative works allowed.

Das all, see ya. I have online classes 1 hour later.

Edit: so my best friend chatted me after 2 years and it is a big ass catharsis on my long gone dead memories. A good non tangible gift.



Posted by VortexSupernova - 3 weeks ago

Thanks on 69 fans. uwu

And another update:

  • I'm storyboarding stuff, but since I'm busy at uni, there's no guarantee I could finish it.
  • I did a new DnB song, but I need to fix the percussion (specifically the kicks and snares). I'm also done at others songs but I need to redo mixing omegalul
  • I have some new art to upload, and glad it's not yet another Fox and the Rabbit; I tried great something else :D


Posted by VortexSupernova - 3 weeks ago

Eh,,, hello. I'm just gonna say words and other words.

Internet feels very unhealthy for me.

I don't open much of my Twitter anymore. It was fun when I followed a few visual artists and musicians and their chill personal lives, like Nitro Fun, posting cute selfies and a post where he left his headphones on the airplane and he was sad, his collab with his roommate, and other really simple posts to glow u up. Pewdiepie was there. The "I didn't ask that I need and I'm thankful": great videogame, film & storybook art and Unusual Videos, Vines (rip), & funny short memes with abrupt endings.

Now, I don't like the recommended Tweets I'm exposed to. This is probably because of the newer artist I'm following and these are the toxic posts they are interacting to so the Twitter algorithm assumed I like ditching these stupid NPC's. After the Tumblr migration, my feeds and recommended tweets are becoming absolute garbage. The SJW migrants who are doing nothing but to prove a point and win an argument. They just want to win an argument but not help the oppressed people they are talking about. More Tweets on using Strawman and the bandwagon ass fallacy (ALL MEN ARE___; ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE___; ALL WOMEN ARE___; ALL CHINESE PEOPLE ARE___; BLACK PEOPLE ARE ____). Exaggerated race and gender things that are not actually related to the issues mentioned (I'm not talking about the representation, I'm poking at the largely unnecessary ones). "Animal abuse" that isn't animal abuse, ya know when that person is extremely privileged. A video of a vibrating common house gecko sitting on a working washing machine along with EDM music is animal abuse. The lizard isn't even harmed. You can't eat meat because animals have souls and feelings so you just die as an underweight anemic bitch. Curse this ass website, although it's absolutely fun when you see a "twittertard" getting ratio'd through a reply or quoted Tweet, but this fuels my sadistic emotions and I don't like it.

Killing some pig in Minecraft to reduce hunger & to trade with butcher villagers... and hunting bugs & fishing in Animal Crossing is animal abuse. But, sexy images of 10 year old girls and boys in pin-up poses is fine and does not count as something that encourages the idea pedophilia. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH I NEVER SAW THESE DISUSSIONS. I'M OUT.

About DeviantArt, I don't open much of that shit show. It feels like dead now compared to 2015 and 2016, my beginner years. I had a few friends interacting with me and talking bout personal stuff on there and that. They legit helped me a bit in my emotional stability when I was in early junior high. But, they are all inactive and deactivated now. The new Eclipse algorithm-based clout is unfair for smaller artists. More likes, less interactions, MORE spambots. They [the website staff] are slower than the pace of a sloth when it comes to solving their issues. More and more band-aid solutions.

Also, compared to Newgrounds, very bad content moderation: the bizarre art fetishes (suicide fetish, the full diaper thinggg, inflation, scat, pregnant fetish......) and the Adults only content keeps getting slipped whenever I browse EVEN with mature content turned on. NG has better moderation.

Newgrounds (oh no.... what does it have to do with these kind of internet toxicity--- aaaaaaa) Nothing. Actually, I'm getting overwhelmed with this website, as you previously read, I'm from algorithm-based website. And I'm used to my content isn't much favored because I am more of a person who observes, rather than interact. I am used to that for more than 6 years. I will try to interact......... uh........... but I will not promise.............. tbh it's so overwhelming to me and I get easily drained. Tho, I feel a lot more comfortable interacting here than before, I think that is a huuuge ass improvement :)


I may or may not go back to Twitter because my timeline is full of NPC's with brainless arguments. I'm getting lay low on DeviantArt because it feels dead, and Newgrounds overwhelm my nerves, but I'm getting better.

thanks for reading my essay lol and hava noice day.

Posted by VortexSupernova - September 9th, 2020

hah? Håtdog.


Q: Do u accep friend requests?

A: no unless ur an online frend i communicate to. I have like,,, 2 friends lol.

Q: Can i use ur art?

A: no unless i said "feel free to use but you must [conditions]" otherwise pls ask permission i dont bite kek. PM me here or on deviantart (same username).

Q: y you act differently on deviantART from NG to Twitter; etc

A: bruh cuz i wanted to jk it depends, on yt i post useless shiz because the comment section there is chaotic as hell. On twitter i vent some shiz an angery. On dA i am polite n respek da good boomer photographers. Its like i wear different constumes and outfits depending on season and location. No one knows who I am except to thos who chat wit meh

Q: wow so since NG is where GD people get their music if u make one will u enable the API for us to use ur music in our levels if ur whitelisted? uwu

A: my music is trash and imo it does not deserve to be put on that game lol also my habit of making long progressions will automatically make ur level XXXXL

I am not saying that I dont allow but gl on using horrible songs

Q: Who is ur favorit NG user? (*w*)

A: yes.

Q: Do u have Steam acc? Lets b friends

A: sadly until now i dont have cuz i dont own a credit, debit, paypal or some else. i don wanna borrow things from my parents.

Q: sometimes ur a bitch and you sound insulting or ignorant >:v

A: pls dont take that seriously lol, btw, in some situations it is sarcasm. Das da internet boi

Q: somtimes u dont respond? u_u

A: im an introvert and im easily to be socially drained so much hope u understan but i read yall comments


Posted by VortexSupernova - September 3rd, 2020



Posted by VortexSupernova - August 22nd, 2020

I don't have a pet rodent

Thank you for the condolences.

So recently, I am encountering a strange behavior on my mouse. I bought him from a mall pet shop a year ago. Yesterday he starts puking and twitching... just kidding lol. As a digital artist who still use an ancient peripheral in digital art called a mouse (because I dont want to use a tablet, it consumes space and I'm used to it), it just HURTS.







My left click would suddenly lose its grip... for example when I make continuous lines in MS Paint, it will cut then it will continue again. See figure below.


In the first continuous line (fig. a) I pressed the upper part of the left click and it would lose its grip a little. At fig. b the position of my finger was very bit lower but the rate of unclicking is higher, and at fig. c it is at the middle, and is likely to lose grips even more. I also noticed it is likely to break grips when I do curves so I tried it at writing smol letter b. The lower and middle presses will immediately break the curve in "b", meanwhile at upper, it is not likely to. Few days ago there was a Windows Update I believe and it was fine before that. I tried pluggin at different ports, shit did nothing at all. I think it was starting to wear off. I do not want to change the way I hold the mouse, my hand is smol.

I am just devastated lol. This is hell whenever I use the free shape lasso tool ( it deselects and selects chaotically) or to outline characters. It's just a standard mouse, an a4tech mouse since in my university this is the only mouse they use and I'm used to it, so I used the same brand xD It is pretty understandable, the large amount of clicks when I draw a lot of leaves and it got wet from rainwater that poured on the ceiling last year during a rainstorm. I dont think I could buy a new gadget/peripheral this pandemic, I even stole my brothers headset when mine broke lmao.

If you know a solution, lmk. tyia <3


Posted by VortexSupernova - August 19th, 2020

jk lol no my family gonna expel me outta house. did u see my previous post? didn't age well

screw this... not even 2 weeks my brain cells just evaporated themselves

my mind is floating right now I am not able to comprehend anymore

this is a shitpost pleas I'm warning you not to read
























Had to search what is the reason why Norway, Switzerland, and Ireland have very high gross national income. I cannot really comprehend anything... I just said Norway has oil and fish... I'm sure that's a correct answer, because that is gdp.


but please send help

One essay down 6 to gooooo. I have to pass all of these tomorrow les goooo

Posted by VortexSupernova - August 9th, 2020

Aaauughggh, todai is da dei... that I attend the opening school year ceremonies

at my bedroom laptop on Facebook Live.


85% copy-pasted from my deviantART journal:

Going to college. It's been a long time... I made this NG account at late junior high school, but discovered this site as a kid in 2010 to watch and play Flash content, then returned at late middle school to download Geometry Bruh music. I miss playing that game 5-6 years ago with my close irl school friends tryna get past Time Machine lol... I wanna go back.

( ಥ_ಥ)

My school has subscribed to Google for Education, don't worry about the people I kill by infection, now we do class at Google Meet and Google Classroom with little or no possibility of going out.

My course in college was dissolved due to few enrollees and the quota wasnt reached, damn bro... thus, Im redirected to other course which was close but a different specialization. I do not want to enroll this school year and I'm afraid things like this happens, but I really have no choice my dad had enlisted me lol, tho it feels regrettable when my kind adviser at senior told us it's okay not to go to school this year, as life is not a race and everyone has their own pace. Also, this year sucks. I'd do everything to go back at 2016 even it costs the level of talents and some new memories, but I guess, life is just this... uh ;_;

I do not open my Twitter account "VortexSupernova" due to large notifs, toxic timeline and the anxiety I get by opening that, so, please add me on my chill personal acc "V0rtexSupernova" instead, it is not privated tho :)

k, have a nice day or night. ROFL reacts only pls


Posted by VortexSupernova - July 7th, 2020




Damn tom looks fab here. On his 'rents bedroom