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VortexSupernova's News

Posted by VortexSupernova - October 29th, 2019

aasdgfjgffkfkfkfkfkfkdks i had my birthday this month and finally got a newer laptop that is now 64 bit (wth 32 bit at 2k19? lmao) and haz intel i5 processor therefor (1) i can now put 420 VSTi on each of my songs (2) i wouldnt have any problems anymore BUT ahhh shet my drawing program Krita is a bruh moment anf messes up that i had to install 4 different versions then see which works. each version has its own abnormalities like anyone does

so i got newer shitty art but imma try my best to upload at higher resolution, and try to upload my own crappy music lol if i got it mixed properly

Posted by VortexSupernova - July 2nd, 2019

Ah, rainy season entered in province of Philippines, Republic of China :yeet: [just kidding lol] So,

I live in an old house and yea, the materials, ... YEAH. Though, it still withstood the April 22nd Luzon Quake in magnitude 6.1 this year. However, the roof

Has holes

And the ceiling is also old

And my desk

Is beneath it

And my laptop

Was there

(Uh, yea, luckily it isnt plugged in or the house will set on fire)

I have some music over there that i wish to upload here in NG and my other un-submitted art. Im just ***this*** incomprehensibly sad, cuz I dont have the copy of the VSTs and Photoshop brushes I earned for few years and my average 25 MB project files are not all copied to my 16 gigabitch thumbdrive that has like less than 700 left and i oop-

Oh, so many things happened this year. The stuff I had at 2015-2016 have disappeared this 2019 like my pet chicken that was mauled by a dog, my granpa's cockatiel dying of sickness, replaced my old phone that was filled with old but golden memories, and things getting left behind. I think, I just had to leave my old files there and the NG music I downloaded years ago that still have the old metadata tags. Saddened very much but less sad than the incident that happened to my family last month.

This year is really fucked

Posted by VortexSupernova - May 4th, 2018

WHoaaa after all of this I would like to thank my friend Vladinym/EliasCheese for making my works their way into the art portal!

Give him a follow! <3

NG:  EliasCheese https://eliascheese.newgrounds.com
DeviantArt: https://vladinym.deviantart.com/


Posted by VortexSupernova - April 4th, 2018

Oh, posting again, due to my laziness and the amount of website's I'm on I could go less here. I have Discord, SoundCloud, DeviantArt, Youtube, personal FB and other forums smh.

Imma post my art here

then my shitty wip music here (pleas dont listen just look theyre ugly)

and more extended crappy music here:

Posted by VortexSupernova - December 16th, 2017

HEyy dudes and dudettes, my name's Vortex and I am 'new' to Newgrongs. Nothing new eh, I know this website when I was younger-er and played few games here, along with Kongregate (for a short time) and Y8. I found this website less scraier because the content has ratings, unlike in Y8 (where I stayed so long) the games and flash animations don't have displayed ratings, making their content unpredicable. I didn't stayed in this website because the navigation was a bit difficult to me. Then, after long years rest, when Geometry Trash—WELP I MEAN—Dash was very trending, I came back here to download some of its OST that I liked. Played games after, but can't remember any of the games I played here since the first time I went here, except FailMan.

I don't expect myself to be a useful part of this community. Though I'm a current animation student studying Adobe Illustrator + Flash in my minicourse, I can draw and make some music (where the genre is out of place in today's music lol) I don't think if I can upload them all. If I upload... please... don't rate. hehehhehe. or don't take the rating so seriously. Even I was here before, I don't know what Newgrounds really is. I can't judge it. I don't know what the community really is... Hmm... before... I heard an Ambient song by someone here, then there was a 0 star rating just because it is not his type of genre. And, another user rated low his song because he uses the same style. Uh oh, I make shit music/art that use the same style, never mind. I think, not everyone is like that. I would try to see what is the positive in this place...